CNN's Murray: Despite Trump’s Claim, Portion Of Wall Payment “Would Essentially Be Coming Out Of The US Budget”

Murray: “While They May Spin That As Mexico Picking Up Part Of The Bill, That Would Essentially Be Coming Out Of The U.S. Budget”

From the August 31 edition of CNN's The Situation Room:

WOLF BLITZER (HOST): When you say a portion of [the wall], they're no longer talking about paying for the entire cost of the wall? Is that what you're hearing? 

SARA MURRAY: Well, we are hearing that there's a way they could try to spin it to make it sound like Mexico is paying for the entire cost of the wall, but some of these other measures are essentially defunding sanctuary cities, or stripping what they say are benefits that undocumented immigrants are receiving from the U.S. Federal government. They say, by doing that, you fund a portion of it. And while they may spin that as Mexico picking up part of the bill, that would essentially be coming out of the U.S. Budget.


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