CNN's Mark Preston: “TV Reveal” Of Trump’s Medical Records On Dr. Oz Show Won’t Offer Any "Intricate Details”

Preston: “There's Going To Be More Questions That Come Out Of This Than Are Actually Answered”

From the September 14 edition of CNN's New Day

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Let's talk about what we're going to see tomorrow, a television spectacular. On Dr. Oz, Donald Trump says he's going to reveal his medical records. We don't know if that means from his latest checkup. We don't know if that means decades worth of medical records. 


What do you think is going to happen here in this TV reveal? 

MARK PRESTON: It's a made for TV moment, right? No question about that. If anyone is putting money down that they think they're going to get intricate details about Donald Trump's health, you're going to lose the bet. The bottom line is it's going to be 48 minutes of back and forth. Donald Trump talking about how healthy he is and I think Dr. Oz might ask him why does he eat a lot of fast food and then that is going to be it. Then there's going to be more questions that come out of this than are actually answered. 


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