CNN's Lord Defends Trump's Star Of David Tweet, Claims Democrats Have The Real “Anti-Semitism Problem”

Jeffrey Lord: “At The Moment” The Democratic Party Is The Party With “An Anti-Semitism Problem On Their Hands” 

From the July 5 edition of CNN's New Day

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JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): We'll talk about what's going on on Twitter, Jeffrey. I know you feel very strongly about this tweet that was removed by the Trump campaign. It came out Saturday morning. It had images of what many people believe is the Star of David over $100 bills calling Hillary Clinton the most corrupt politician ever. Now, I read you. I'm an avid reader of your work.  You look at this, and you say it harkens back to that famous 1950s, 1960s show Lawman, and you say this is sort of a tribute to sheriffs everywhere. [CROSSTALK] It references sheriffs. If this was about sheriffs, Jeffrey, why was this image previously on a Twitter feed and also a website, this alt-right website, that traffics in sometimes anti-Semitic, sometimes racist information? I don't know that they traffic in pro-sheriff or Lawman type of messages. 

​JEFFREY LORD: John, number one, the sheriff's image is out there everywhere. This has been around in America for well over a century. ​​When I saw this tweet, that is exactly what I first thought of, was that it was the sheriff's badge over money, which meant she was corrupt, which is the crooked Hillary, which is one of the themes of the campaign. You know, the whole -- all of this -- ​​frankly I think some of this is a matter of culture. Now, they took it down. I don't think they should have taken it down, frankly. It just --​​ I mean, if we're going to talk about anti-Semitism, then we need to be talking about why we have people​ ​on the Democratic platform committee right now -- 


​LORD: Pushing anti-Israel point of views who were put there by Bernie Sanders. 

​CAMEROTA:  But Jeffrey, hold on one second. 

​LORD: Why is there a division over anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party? That's serious stuff. 


LORD: With all due respect, if we're going to talk about division, I mean, I am always gobsmacked that Democrats like to play this game when they have been the party of racial division and at the moment they're --

BERMAN: But Jeffrey, Jeffrey, you say Democrats, hang on --

LORD: They've got an anti-Semitism problem on their hands that they don’t want to address. 


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