CNN's Lewandowski: Media Firestorm Over Trump's “Star Of David” Tweet Is “Egregious”

Alisyn Camerota Slams Trump Campaign's Excuse As “Not Possible”

From the July 5 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Let's start, first, with this star of David tweet. Corey, can you explain inside the campaign how this works with social media? Because this isn't the first time there was a controversial tweet. How did it work that this graphic that had appeared on a neo-Nazi message board would make its way to Donald Trump's Twitter feed? 

COREY ​LEWANDOWSKI: Well, let me first say that director of social media for the trump campaign is a good friend of mine. His name is Dan Scavino, and he basically does this job by himself. And if you look at Mr. Trump's Twitter feed, he's put out over 30,000 tweets since he's started on Twitter. ​​And what Dan did, and what he said he did is he went to an anti-Hillary ​Twitter site and found this image of the star and copied that image and used it on a graphic, which he designed ​wholly on his own. 

​CAMEROTA: But that's not possible, Corey. 

​LEWANDOWSKI: That's what he did. 

​CAMEROTA: I know that's what he said he did, but that's not possible. And the reason it's not possible is because that very same image first appeared on June 15th. So weeks ago, on this -- from this Twitter user, “Fishbonehead1” who frequently posted Islam​o​phobic and racist memes. He had the original image before his account was deleted. Then it appeared on this message board, that's a white supremacist neo-Nazi website​​. So he didn't create the image. 

​LEWANDOWSKI: He didn't say he created it. He said he took it off of --

CAMEROTA: Off of there.

LEWANDOWSKI: No, he said he took it off a Twitter site, which was an anti-Hillary Twitter site, and he took that image. And, look, that very well could have happened. I know Dan very well. He's a good man. He's got two young children. He is not anti-Semitic in any way, shape or form. He's been a very loyal person, and for a firestorm to be created over an image which Dan took off of someone else's site, I think is a little egregious, I have to tell you. ​Let's talk about what the real issue is: that Hillary Clinton spent three and a half hours being investigated and having an interview with the FBI. Now the image --

​CAMEROTA: That is what you want to talk about, but it gets eclipsed by some of this. I understand that that's what you want to talk about. And we will get to Hillary Clinton, but we just have to -- we have to finalize this how it happened. Because, you know, Michael Caputo who you used to work with on the -- 

​LEWANDOWSKI: Let me just talk about Mike Caputo. Mike Caputo never worked for the campaign. He was fired from a job as a volunteer. So Michael Caputo has nothing -- 

​CAMEROTA: Over a tweet.

LEWANDOWSKI: Over a tweet.

CAMEROTA: Should Dan Scavino lose his job over this? 

​LEWANDOWSKI: Absolutely not. There was no malice intent of what Dan Scavino did. What he did was he took an image that he saw on the web, and he put it on a tweet, and he put it out. Look, if Dan thought this would be ​anti-Semitic in any way, shape or form it never would have been approved. This isn't a 20-person social media team, is the difference.​​ Unlike the Hillary Clinton campaign, which may have 10 or 15 people, you have one person who looked at it, made a good decision in the best of their ability and put out because it was so -- so not so nonsensical he didn't think anything to it. 

CHRISTINE QUINN: Let me say a couple things. First of all, it defies logic that an intelligent person who would be running social media for a presumptive nominee to be president of the united es would have no sense when you took that shaped star and put it on a pile of money and put the word corrupt and other words in it, it defies logic. 


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