CNN's Larry Noble: We May Be Seeing, “In Real-Time,” The “Collapse Of What Looks Like A Cover-Up”

Noble: “It May Not Be A Cover-Up, But This Is What We See People Go Through”

From the March 30 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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LARRY NOBLE: The process is incredibly important because, frankly, it goes to the credibility of the information. It goes to the credibility of the committee and what work it's going to do. It goes to the credibility of what the White House is talking about. So, process is really important. And what was ironic about it is he said we're not interested in process but what they are asking to be investigated is the process by which other leaks took place. So, process is part of the whole system and they have to realize that. 

Two other things struck me about this. One is, Gloria said, the deflection issue. One thing they've managed to successfully do is make this all about the leaking of the information, which is an important issue. But, they really do obviously want to avoid talking about the involvement of Russia. And then the third thing -- and this is, I guess, more of a perspective issue, is I have the feeling watching this that you're seeing, once again in real time, the collapse of what looks like a cover-up. It may not be a cover up, but this is what we see people go through. They deny these things, they tell you, “Don't look over here, this process isn't important and what they are doing is the most important” and the information will eventually get out. I think if history teaches us anything, it will eventually get out.


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