CNN's Kayleigh McEnany: Trump Shouldn't Be “Goaded” To Release Tax Returns Because “Democrats Will Use Them Against Him”

Host Jake Tapper: It's Not Goading, “This Is A Bipartisan Tradition Since 1980”

From the September 7 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Well, from a political standpoint, Democrats tend to goad with Republican nominees into releasing their tax returns, as Mitt Romney did, and upon releasing his tax returns, we found out that Harry Reid was wrong, that Mitt Romney did everything right, he abided by the laws. But then Democrats proceeded to demonize Mitt Romney for having a bank account offshore that he was allowed to have, that was within the bounds of the law. And they used his tax returns to berate him for using the law to his advantage in a way that was legal and a way that was fair. So, I agree with Trump's son, I don't think he should release his tax returns. Why give fodder to Democrats even if he's doing everything legally, which he is? Democrats will use them against him. 

JAKE TAPPER (HOST): It's not that Democrats goad Republicans into doing this. This is a bipartisan tradition since 1980. Reagan, Bush, every nominee, every major party nominee since Gerald Ford in 1976 decided not to do it, has released their returns. This isn't like some demonic Democratic plot. It's the idea that the people, the public have a right to know how you made your money, where your investments are to make sure that you don't have any conflicts of interest. You don't think the American people have a right?

MCENANY: They have a right to know that Donald Trump is paying his taxes legally, and we know that since he's survived nearly a dozen audits. but I would argue, that yes, Democrats have goaded Republicans into doing this.


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