CNN’s Kayleigh McEnany Claims “Donald Trump's Claim Is Stronger” Than His Accuser’s

Erin Burnett: “Just To Be Clear, The Man Says He Has No Evidence To Back Up The Claim” 

From the October 14 edition of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront:

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): She said this changed the trajectory of where her life may have gone. That it may seem to some these were kisses. But to her, it was much more. It was clearly a violation. 

KAYLEIGHT MCENANY: Well look, as I've said repeatedly and as I say any time we do segments on this, which is often now, I think every person who has an accusation should come forward. Likewise, we have to give Donald Trump the same respect. Anyone accused of something should come forward, and I'm sure he would say that he would never do something inappropriate in front of her father. I think that’s just common sense in public, in front of other people. Second, I think this is a very big lesson because I sat here 48 hours ago and I said these claims are not litigated on TV sets they are litigated in a court of law. And what we found in The New York Post, hope everyone will go look, the woman on Anderson Cooper last night said that there was a man sitting across the aisle. Well that man has come forward. His name is Anthony Gilberthorpe. He said it was not at all how the woman portrayed it. He said in fact when Donald Trump went to the bathroom. In fact when Donald Trump went to the bathroom, the woman said to him, I am -- I want to marry Donald Trump. I hope I get to marry Donald Trump one day. There are two sides to every story. And I think we need go back to journalism with integrity where we vet stories before but put them out. Because I think the New York Times did not vet that story appropriately. Back in the Paula Jones days you waited months and there were debates in newsrooms over whether and when that story came out. Now everything comes out regardless of witnesses.

BURNETT: Okay, just to be clear the man says he has no evidence to back up that claim. 

MCENANY: She has no evidence too. It is he said, she said. 

BURNETT: Right, and that is what all sexual assault cases are. 

But his story deserves to be heard too. You can't bury the story of the accused. Donald Trump is the accused, he has a witness, this woman does not have a witness. If anything Donald Trump's claim is stronger. We have to air both, that is only fair.


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