CNN's John Avlon Calls Trump's Failure To Discuss Brexit “Completely Insane”

Avlon: Trump “Seems To Be Trying To Profit Off A Presidential Run And Not Taking It Seriously"

From the June 24 edition of CNN's New Day:

CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Break into Donald Trump's statement right now which is not something we often do but it's very remarkable at this point because of what he hasn't mentioned yet. Donald Trump has been up at the podium for about five minutes, has not mentioned Brexit, is only talking about his golf course and his other business ventures and how it came to be. Let's discuss why he would make this choice and what the implications are.


JOHN AVALON: This is insane. The presumptive Republican nominee has the world watching on a historic day and he is doing a five minute advertorial for his golf course in great detail, talking about the beauty of the suites, how great the pars are on certain holes, not talking about Brexit. This is a summation in some ways of his campaign. He is in the right place at the right time for his message, and he blows it because at the end of the day, it's all about him. He seems to be trying to profit off a presidential run and not taking it seriously. This is trump steaks all over again after winning the primaries. It's completely insane. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): David, is that how you see it?

DAVID GREGORY: I think John understates the importance of adding suites to the lighthouse. But I totally -- I mean, look, we spent all this time analyzing the potential significance of the parallels with his own campaign. We spent all of this time highlighting parallels of the campaign and way out ahead of where Donald Trump's campaign is. I'm shocked that, even given his statements, that he didn't come out and immediately seize on the importance of this. Maybe he wanted to inject a note of caution by not getting involved. But no, this just seems like political malpractice. I'm as bemused as everyone else looking at this thinking how strange this is.


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