CNN's Jeffrey Lord: Paul Ryan “Ought To Resign On The Spot” As Speaker For Abandoning Trump

Lord: Ryan Has Shown “A Gross Dereliction Of Duty”

From the October 12 edition of CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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JEFFREY LORD: Well, I'm not going to blame my friend S.E. [Cupp] for anything here, but I will say I have a column in The American Spectator this morning calling for Speaker [Paul] Ryan to resign as speaker immediately. His views on Donald Trump or anything else are between himself and his constituents in Wisconsin, but as Speaker of the House, he is a senior leader. He's not only the leader of the Republican Party in the House, he's a senior leader of the national party, period, and he won't support the Republican presidential nominee. And I don't care who the nominee is, that is a gross dereliction of duty, and he ought to resign on the spot. Secondly, what we have here is a battle of -- this began, to be perfectly candid, when the Bushes came to power after Ronald Reagan. And it's what I call the ruling class, if you will, who have basically a lot of contempt for the average Republican voter and grassroots conservatives, and they're very much in the inside culture of Washington, D.C. They have no intention of changing it. This is not Ronald Reagan. This is what Reagan used to call “the fraternal order of Republicans.” And they think they can do this and get away with it. I think [Rep.] Steve King [(R-IA)] is right. This is going to mean the end of the ruling class.


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