CNN's Jake Tapper: Trump condemned Barcelona attack immediately but has yet to call Nazi attack terrorism

Tapper: “One might observe the very different reactions from this president” 

From the August 17 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): So, just to be clear, what happened today in the face of a horrific terrorist attack, where people are still finding out that loved ones have been killed or injured, President Trump just told the world to study a story that is not true. A lie. About an American general dipping bullets in pig's blood and killing insurgents. A story that by the way, does nothing to help keep our soldiers and the American people traveling the world safer. 

At times of crisis, the nation turns to its president for reassurance and for truth and for moral clarity and the lie about General Pershing does not provide any of those. Also, one might observe the very different reactions from this president. Today's Islamic terrorist attack which the president condemned immediately and with this inflammatory untrue story and how President Trump responded to the white supremacist terrorist attack on Saturday. Which is an attack he has yet to unequivocally call terrorism at all. 


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