CNN's Jake Tapper slams Trump's improvised comments promising “fire and fury” to North Korea

Tapper: “This is a time when words should be chosen and measured carefully”

From the August 9 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper​:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): A third theme that we have seen throughout two decades of statement is a clear lack of policy depth on this issue. One in inverse proportion to the forest with which Mr. Trump expresses his views on nuclear weapons. As with seen perhaps most notably at a CNN debate in 2015, when conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Mr. Trump about the nuclear triad, that is the U.S. strategy of having nukes on land, in the air, and at sea. 


So, that is a confusion as to why the U.S. has taken the use of nuclear weapons off the table, a desire for increased proliferation of nuclear weapons, and a clear lack of policy depth about nuclear weapons. That brings us to the current standoff. 


Speaking of “fire and fury the world had never seen,” we should note it was on this day in 1945 that U.S. Forces dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, immediately incinerating 40,000 people. Three days before that, the U.S. had dropped a bomb on Hiroshima killing 70,000 people instantly. The actions brought the end to World War II. 

To state the obvious, this is a time when words should be chosen and measured carefully.The White House sources tell us that the president spoke extemporaneously when he made that statement about “fire and fury.” Perhaps, now might not be the best time to improvise. 


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