CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Explains That Trump’s “Mode Of Operation Is Really A B.S. Artist”

Zakaria: “This Is Just A Great Act”

From the August 4 edition of CNN’s CNN Tonight:

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DON LEMON (HOST): Why did you write it? 

FAREED ZAKARIA: I had to get through a few hurdles to get them to agree to do it. Because I was trying to think about what it is about Trump that was so distinctive. When you watch, you know, the string of, I met Putin, no, I actually I didn't meet him. I watched this video. Oh, maybe the video doesn't exist. What you realize is that his whole mode of operation is really a B.S. artist. You know there is a distinction, I talk about an essay by an eminent philosopher who said there's a difference between telling lies and telling B.S. Lies, you are intentionally trying to falsify the truth, with B.S. you don't care what the truth is or lies are. This is just a great act, you know it's like a revered performance. And Trump is sort of surprised that people call him on it. But actually, you haven't met Putin. He's like who cares. And that’s what it-- 

LEMON: Are you saying he doesn't know he's lying? 

ZAKARIA :I think he's convinced himself that in a case like that, look I am a big shot, I went to Russia, I could have met Putin, you know it would have been -- the fact that it actually didn't happen is irrelevant. You know he constantly talks about his book The Art of the Deal as the biggest best seller of all time. There is no category by which that statement is true. But in his view, I mean it sold a lot of books.

LEMON: Alright, here’s what you write. You said “liars and truth tellers are both acutely aware of the facts and truths, as what you said, but a bull shit artist has lost all connection with reality, he pays no attention to the truth. A lot of people say Trump is a flat out liar.” Why do you disagree with that? Do you disagree with that? What makes him a B.S. artist? 

Zakaria: Because it's pathological, clearly. He’s getting into trouble, week after week, sometimes day after day, because he's saying these things that are plainly contradicted by the facts. Look at the one we just discussed, this video he claims to have lost, which he alone in the world has seen, just like he alone in the world found that video of Muslims in Jersey City cheering, right? He keeps doing it almost day after day. 


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