CNN's Fareed Zakaria: Donald Trump Is “A Bullshit Artist” 

From the August 1 edition of CNN's Wolf

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FAREED ZAKARIA: Well there is a pattern here Wolf, every time it is demonstrated that Donald Trump is plainly ignorant about some basic public policy issues, some well known fact, he comes back with the certain bravado, and tries to explain it away with a tweet or statement. He did it on Brexit, he did it on the nuclear triad, he did it really on how U.S. debt markets work, he thought that Tim Kaine was the governor of New Jersey and now with this. And it is sort of amusing to watch how he is going to pull it off this timeWhat is he going to argueUsually he adds that the press hates himBut there is a term for this kind of thingThis is the mode of a bullshit artistAnd it's sometimes amusing, it's entertaining, if the guy is trying to sell you a condo or a car, but for a president of the United States, it is deeply worrying.


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