CNN's Errol Louis : Trump Tax Plan “Really Starts To Collapse” On Closer Inspection

Trump's “Extraordinary Claims” About Taxes, Economic Growth Fail To Provide “Extraordinary Proof”

From the September 29 edition of CNN's New Day:

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JOHN BERMAN (HOST): You said something interesting before, that he's doing a good job selling this. Because, you know, this plan isn't wildly different than Jeb Bush's plan, which pretty much no one talked about. I get the sense that Donald Trump is perfectly happy talking about this for the next several weeks going into the next Republican debate at the end of October.

ERROL LOUIS: Well that's right. And it does parry the main knock on him, which is that there is no specifics in his plan. So now he can say, “I have specifics.” Now, you start to pick it apart. It all really starts to collapse. I mean, just like Jeb Bush has been promising 4 percent growth. Well for the last 40 years average economic growth has been under 3 percent. So, he is talking about something that is just extraordinary. There are those of us who feel that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. This is not extraordinary proof. It's just kind of an outline of a lot of ideas that have been hashed around before, have gone absolutely nowhere. I mean, the alternative minimum tax. I'd love to see that go away. I have to wrestle with that every year like millions of other people. The inheritance tax, on the agenda for generations, has gotten nowhere. How is he going to get this done when others have tried? I think he's got to explain that. How is he going to get to growth that even Ronald Reagan really couldn't achieve? He has got to explain that, too.


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