CNN's Errol Louis: “Of Course There’s A Double Standard” On Transparency With Trump And Clinton

Louis: “Telling Somebody You Had Pneumonia On Sunday Instead Of Friday Is Not Even In The Same League” As Trump Not Disclosing "Who He Co-Owns Businesses With”

From the September 13 edition of CNN’s CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): Is there a double standard when it comes to transparency between Trump and Clinton?

ERROL LOUIS: Well of course there's a double standard. I mean just that one little shocker at the end of what Hillary Clinton said should really set everybody on edge. A hundred and twenty foreign deals? Deals with who? I mean his most lucrative real estate deal, I think aside from Trump Tower in New York City is 40 Wall Street. We don't know who he co-owns 40 Wall Street with. I mean, this is really, really basic stuff and it should be startling to people that he will not tell us who he co-owns businesses with, who he owes his estimated $650 million to, his businesses are carrying a lot of debt. He's doing over 100 foreign deals and he wants to be both the commander in chief and the representative of the world for the United States. It's not even close as far as -- the difference between telling somebody you had pneumonia on Sunday instead of Friday is not even in the same league, really.


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