CNN's Drew Griffin: Media “Continue To Be Played By The Trump Campaign” On Trump's Health Records

Griffin: “The Records Exist. You Can Release The Records. If You Are Healthy, Release Them. What's The Big Deal?”

From the September 14 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

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BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): Tell me more about [Donald Trump’s doctor Dr. Harold Bornstein]

DREW GRIFFIN: That’s Trump’s doctor, OK? So, he’s been his doctor for three decades, he said.


He seems like a perfectly nice guy. I don't have any idea what his medical credentials are. He wouldn't share anything with me about Trump's physical --

BALDWIN: But he's the one who gave Trump the physical last week?

GRIFFIN: He's the one who wrote the letter back a year ago, and he is the one now, we understand, who provided this checkup, physical, whatever you want to call it, within the last week that was shared with Dr. Oz, or at least the results were shared with Dr. Oz. Here's the problem in all of this from my perspective, we have the political perspective, the medical perspective. From an investigative reporter's perspective, we continue to be played by the Trump campaign. I don't know if deliberately or not deliberately. But the records exist. You can release the records. If you are healthy, release them. What is the big deal? He could end this. There seems to be a choice being made not to end this.


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