CNN’s Donald Trump Surrogate, “The Most Grotesque Person On Television,” Hits A New Low

30+ Media Figures Call Out Jeffrey Lord And CNN For Election Night Meltdown

CNN’s pro-Donald Trump commentator Jeffrey Lord imploded during the network's June 7 election coverage. Media figures from across the political spectrum criticized Lord -- possibly “the stupidest person to ever appear on CNN“ -- and called out the network for airing a “complete freak show” that allowed “the insanity of Jeffrey Lord to overshadow reporting on the election.”

CNN hired Lord after Trump recommended him to the news network. His pro-Trump CNN commentary has been so inaccurate and ridiculous that his own colleagues have called him out for carrying Trump's “fetid water every day.”

Lord was part of CNN’s political coverage of the June 7 election results, during which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic presidential nomination. During the appearance, Lord embarrassed himself by defending Trump’s racist attacks against Judge Gonzalo Curiel. As summarized, Lord “offered up a series of increasingly convoluted attempts to justify Trump's comments, saying that the judge was the real racist for … belonging to a Hispanic lawyers group, and Trump was striking a blow for anti-racism by pointing it out.”

The rest of CNN’s panel harshly criticized Lord’s pro-Trump claims. On Twitter, media figures called the coverage a “complete freak show,” “buffoonish comedy,” “absurd,” and “insanity” that overshadows “reporting on the election.” They also called Lord “the most grotesque person on television,” “a nutcase,” possibly “the stupidest person to ever appear on CNN,” and called on CNN to dump Lord now that the primaries are ending.

Here are over 30 tweets about the coverage from last night: