CNN’s David Gregory: Trump “Getting All This Credit For … Campaign 101” Shows “How Far He's Fallen”

From the June 22 edition of CNN’s Wolf:

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DAVID GREGORY: I think what's very important about the speech today is twofold. One, he's getting all this credit for kind of campaign 101 which is give a pretty cogent speech attacking your opponent. It just shows you how far he's fallen that this is now celebrated as a seminal moment of the campaign. Two, he wants the attention off of himself. He wants it about her. This is now Trump on the attack against his opponent. This is the place he needs to be. He's had a horrible month, really a threshold month of whether he can even wage an effective campaign. Here he is really trying to make this not a referendum about him, but a comparison with her. I think that's got to be a relief to donors, and it’s certainly got to be a relief to the Republican establishment who have questioned whether or not he really can even make it to November. 


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