CNN's Dana Bash: I Don't Think Trump “Has To Reach Out To The People That Didn't Vote For Him” 

Bash: “He's Not That Person. And He's Never Going To Be That Person” 

From the December 1 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

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PHILIP BUMP: The issue is that working class voters and the business community are not the people that Trump needs to unite with, right? To Mr. Gergen's point, he needs to reach out to the rest of America. He needs to reach out to frankly the America that voted more heavily for Hillary Clinton than voted for him. He needs to reach out to people of color, he needs to reach out to people who were concerned about what his presidency might bring. 

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Why does he need to do that? Why?

BUMP: Because he's the President of the United States. 


DANA BASH: But I actually don't necessarily think that he has to reach out to the people that didn't vote for him. It would be nice if he did. It would be, you know, part of the tradition of presidents-elect and new presidents to do that. But he's not that person. And he's never going to be that person. And he's the guy who America elected. 


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