CNN's Dan Pfeiffer: Breitbart, Lifezette “Have Been Set Up To Amplify” Trump's “Alternative Reality”

From the February 12 edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources:

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DAN PFEIFFER: This is very alarming. Look, I can't tell you whether Trump believes the things he says or he's just trying to paint a different picture. But when you have the president of the United States using his massive, the massive bully pulpit,  whether it's on Twitter or on television interviews, to basically say things that are provably false on a regular basis, that is problematic. And then you now have this infrastructure on social media sites, these Breitbart, Lifezette, some of these new conservative outlets that have been set up to amplify some of those concerns, we live in sort of a world of alternative reality. And if you have a significant portion of the country believing in a, quote unquote, “alternative set of facts,” that's not good for democracy.


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