CNN's Cuomo Shuts Down Corey Lewandowski's Attempt To Defend Trump Amid Sexual Assault Allegations By Lying About Hillary Clinton

Chris Cuomo: “When Facts Are Distorted I've Got To Get In There ... Otherwise You Create A False Record”

From the October 13 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): Corey, Donald Trump says the [Hillary Clinton] campaign says, “Women deserve to be believed. How dare Hillary Clinton not let these women say what was done to them by Bill Clinton. How dare she dismiss them.” Now this. And you're completely 180 on it. “Shut them down. This is reckless. This is wrong. These women shouldn't be heard.” How is that not hypocrisy? 

COREY LEWANDOWSKI: Look, I think the media should cover this story with the same amount of coverage that they've given the accusers of Bill Clinton and the rape victim that Hillary Clinton was -- 

CUOMO: So for the next five years we should cover this? That's what you're saying. Because that's what I did, that's what I spent my 90s doing. So should we do that now? 

LEWANDOWSKI: Well I don't think Kathy Shelton has had the type of media coverage, who was a 12-year-old rape victim that Hillary Clinton defended the rapist. She has not had the type of media attention. 

CUOMO: Fact: Hillary Clinton worked for an organization that assigned her to do it. 


CUOMO: Fact: she asked not to do it because she didn't want to emotionally involve herself in that case. The boss said, “This is what you do. Everybody deserves a defense.” Fact: she never laughed.

HILARY ROSEN: And she expressed regret. 

CUOMO: Thank you. She never laughed about what that man did. She laughed about an aspect of how they used a lie detector thinking that would win the case for them and it made her lose confidence in that. That's what she laughed about. Why bring her up as showing that she doesn't like rape victims? 

LEWANDOWSKI: CNN's own reporting of the affidavit that Hillary Clinton signed in that particular case said that she stated in this affidavit that this 12-year-old victim of rape had wanted -- had solicited additional men and had mental problems, which is absolutely untrue.

CUOMO: How do you know?

LEWANDOWSKI: CNN reported this.

CUOMO: No, they reported that that's all untrue? 

LEWANDOWSKI: That the 12-year-old rape victim has solicited additional men and wanted this type of attention? Hillary Clinton signed that affidavit that that took place. It's absolutely and patently false. 

ROSEN: Why is this even connected to what we're, what you're talking about, the question that Chris asked you?

LEWANDOWSKI: Because if we're going to talk -- if we're going to talk -- 

ROSEN: No, Corey -- 

LEWANDOWSKI: I didn't know you were the moderator of this. So when you become the moderator you get to ask a bunch of questions. 

CUOMO: No, in truth -- no, in fairness, in fairness -- Corey, we all talk about this all the time. I don't want to have to police everything that you say. I just want you two to go at it. The problem is when facts are distorted I've got to get in there so otherwise you create a false record. Hold on, this is about you too. Make your point. What is your point and then respond to her.

ROSEN: So my point is that first of all, Hillary Clinton expressed -- in her book that she regretted taking that case. I mean, the issue here is where we are now is that Donald Trump is bringing on, he's dared people through that debate to come forward and say that what he did were lies, and so we wouldn't be having this conversation if Donald Trump had said the truth to Anderson Cooper in that question. If he'd said, “I've done things to women that I'm not proud of. That's not who I want to be and women deserve much better treatment.” Instead he threw all the shade back at Bill Clinton. He denied he ever did anything and all of a sudden now you have all of these women saying, “Wait a second, that's actually not true, Donald Trump lied at that debate. He did this to me.” So, it's really Donald Trump who keeps bringing this up. Hillary Clinton wants to talk about the issues. But I feel for you, Corey, and other Trump surrogates, because your guy won't let people stop talking about this because he's out there on the hustings talking about it all day long. How he's a victim here from Paul Ryan, from Bill Clinton, from the media. Stop it. He's not a victim.


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