CNN's Cuomo Grills Trump Campaign Manager About Trump’s “Harsh Language” And His “Pandering”

Cuomo: “The Harsh Language, Whether It's About Women, Whether It's About Latinos, Whether It's About Saying China Is Raping The US, It's Not Presidential”

From the May 3 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): There are a lot of “if's” in there still. I mean, that's part of the process, and you're supposed to be on the enthusiastic and optimistic side of those “if's.” But let's say he gets to 1,237, he gets that first ballot, he gets that nomination. Now he's in a general. Do you think that he will start to address some of the things that people in your party, but certainly outside your party, keep pointing to? Whether it's something small, like put out your taxes. Stop playing the audit game. Put them out. Because that's part of the things that people do in a general election. The harsh language, whether it's about women, whether it's about Latinos, whether it's about saying that China is raping the U.S. It's not presidential. 

COREY LEWANDOWSKI: The American people are smart, and it's time to talk to the American people like they talk at home. And it is politicians who are all talk, no action, are very good in making empty promises for the last 30 years, they've gone to Washington, D.C., said they're going to do something and didn't. We've got $21 trillion in debt. If we don't do something about that, not just our children, but our grandchildren, will be saddled with that forever.


LEWANDOWSKI:  That's the message Donald Trump has brought, and making America great again has been his message since day one. That resonates. So, you don't have to pander to the American people, you don't have to promise them things that can't get delivered. Donald Trump gets up, he talks about his message, it resonates, and we have grown the Republican Party and more people have voted in the Republican primary process than ever before. We've seen a massive increase. 

CUOMO: Last part is certainly true. The turnout numbers are what they are, there's no denying them, and it's certainly a momentum of disaffection that Donald Trump is building a tent with. There's no question. But why isn't he an example of exactly what he says he's against, which is this pandering. “I'm going to bring back jobs.” How? “I'm going to tax a tariff on companies that won't bring their jobs here.” That's Congress. That's not the president. 

LEWANDOWSKI: He's laid his vision out already, and he's the only -- Look, leadership starts at the top, and Congress has to have a good partner at the top to work with, and that's what he'll be able to do.


CUOMO: I appreciate you making a compelling case on New Day, as always. I want to ask you something as you leave. We've been following this money for the veterans, there's no question that you guys raised a lot of money for them. The question is where it went. The veterans groups, Donald Trump gives them a lot of money and time when he's not running for president. You know they're asking to know where that money is and to account for it. We're having trouble with the campaign. I look to you for help on that. Will you give us some help in making some sense out of that? 

LEWANDOWSKI: I'd be happy to do that, but you know, Mr. Trump has raised millions of dollars for the veterans. We've given away millions of dollars for the veterans. Not just that, not just through his foundation, but Donald Trump has donated tens of millions of dollars personally, through his own personal checkbook to help veterans' causes and many other charities, and we'll be happy to show that. But the money that he has raised has been distributed to not just the 22 veteran groups that we outlined, but many, many, many more.


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