CNN's Chris Cuomo Calls Out Conservative Media For “Preach[ing] A Lot Of Fear About Islam”

Cuomo To Daily Caller's Matt Lewis: “Now You Have People Really Afraid That There's A Huge Monster Out There”

From the December 9 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Well, what do you do, Matt? I mean, you know, you created it, not Donald Trump. I mean, you know, people can point fingers a hundred different ways. I think you just give it credit to Trump for capturing the zeitgeist out there. But, you know, you preached a lot of fear about Islam. You preached a lot of fear about how unprepared the U.S. government was. You preached a lot of fear about how inept government is. So now, you have people really afraid that there's a huge monster out there. You've told them it's coming and you've told them no one can stop it. So what do you do?


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