CNN's Camerota Grills Mike Pence On Allegations Trump's Modeling Agency Violated Immigration Laws 

Alisyn Camerota: “That One Of [Trump's] Own Companies, If They Employed Models Illegally, Doesn't That Point Out Some Hypocrisy?”

From the August 31 edition of CNN's New Day:

ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): Governor, speaking of immigration laws, we just had on a model here from Germany who worked for three years with the Trump Modeling Agency. And she says that the Trump Modeling Agency violated immigration laws and had she and the other models work without the proper work visas. What's your response? 

GOV. MIKE PENCE: Well, my response is that we've heard those kind of accusations before, even directed at the Trump family. I'm very confident that this business, like the other Trump businesses, has conformed to the laws of this country. But look, these are not the things, Alisyn, that people are talking to me about around the country. I spent a lot of time in Georgia the last couple of days. I was in North Carolina last night. The American people are concerned about this economy, they're concerned about security, they're deeply concerned about the impact of illegal immigration on this country.


PENCE: And Donald Trump is going to continue to focus on those issues, andI think that's why you see this race tightening up. And that's why I really do believe we're poised for a great victory in November. 

CAMEROTA: Well I mean, on the topic of illegal immigration, wouldn't this be relevant? Wouldn't the fact that one of his own companies, the Trump Modeling Agency, if they employed models illegally, doesn't that point out some hypocrisy in this race? 

PENCE: Well, as I said, I think the Trump organization can speak for itself on those issues. I'm very confident that they complied and conformed to the laws of the country. As I said, these sidebar issues that come up, his business enterprise can address those and I'm confident they'll address them forthrightly. I have to tell you, Alisyn, I said this to you at the Iowa State Fair, where the American people are focused now is on security, on gertting this economy moving again, ending the flood of illegal immigration, upholding our constitution and really making sure we have the highest standards of ethics in the highest office in the land.


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