CNN's Camerota Confronts Trump's Campaign Manager Over Trump's Chief Executive's Breitbart Headlines

Alisyn Camerota: Some Of The Headlines Of Breitbart's Articles “Can Be Seen As Insulting, Offensive”

From the August 18 edition of CNN's New Day

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): In terms of Steve Bannon's messaging, because obviously that's very important as well in a campaign, I just want to read some of the recent Breitbart headlines. He's obviously a provocateur, but some things cut pretty close to the bone and can be seen as insulting, offensive. Here are some of the recent Breitbart headlines. Here's one. “There's No Hiring Bias Against Women In Tech, They Just Suck At Interviews.” Next, “Sympathy For The Devils, The Plot Against Roger Ailes And America.” That one is about basically how the sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes, he's the victim of what Breitbart calls this sort of Democratic establishment of the Clintons. Next, “Big Trans Hate Machine Targets Pitching Great Curt Schilling,” that's referring to transgender people. And “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.” What do you think of headlines like this? 

KELLYANNE CONWAY: I've not read those stories, but I have to say not unlike the reason that most of the media cover Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton, people -- people like to click on headlines and see what they're about. So I haven't read those stories, but I can tell you the man is a brilliant tactician. And he has a long history of, I think, girding for combat and being unafraid. I'll tell you what Donald Trump needs. He needs people who are like him in this sense. You have to be unapologetically, unflinchingly, unafraid of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and all that Clinton campaign means. Because we feel like we're up against a major machine here. And we -- you need people girded for battle, who are at least willing to, as we like to say, leave it all on the field, give it our best shot. 

CAMEROTA: But look, you have been, I think, a proponent of the big tent idea of Republicans need to attract more women. They need to attract more Hispanics. You've said this. I mean you've been on the record. Does the attitude of “birth control makes women unattractive and crazy,” is that helpful?

CONWAY: I didn't particularly like Hillary Clinton referring to pro-life Republicans as terrorists myself, but I didn't see it get covered much. CNN covered it a little bit actually. I don't like a lot of what comes out of Elizabeth Warren's mouth about my candidate and our vice presidential candidate. I don't like a lot of the rhetoric, frankly. Because partly, yes, it is the mother in me, but partly because I am tough in politics, Alisyn. Partly it's because it does a disservice to the voters. The idea that we have millions more in poverty, millions more out of work, the idea that people feel unsafe, that they feel less prosperous and less safe now, those are the issues that we need to address. And I think when we go down all these different rabbit holes about who said what at what given time in what year of their lives, I'm not sure that it creates -- I know it doesn't create one job. It doesn't force Hillary Clinton to own Obamacare. I'd love to know -- I mean, if she ever does a press conference, if she ever stops disrespecting the press long enough for you to ask her, “What will she do about Obamacare?”

CAMEROTA: Sure but I mean -- but yes I hear that you're pointing out the things on the other side that don't make you comfortable, but isn't it fair to ask about the attitudes, of the feelings about people on the Trump campaign? 

CONWAY: Oh sure you're welcome to ask whatever you want, it's your showabsolutely. And I'm happy to entertain those questions.

CAMEROTA: And to ask for a response. I mean to ask if you're comfortable with where Steve Bannon is coming from in terms of those philosophies?

CONWAY: I've worked with him on other efforts and I find him to be a highly effective, brilliant tactician who gets things done. He executes. In politics, you get some people who, particularly in government, you don't necessarily have to execute at that moment. We're going to have a meeting. We're going to hold a commission. We're going to get it done. We have 82 days left. So, I think he's someone who's going to be at headquarters basically executing on many different instances. He and I have calls today with our field staff, with our different teams, our coalition folks, our comms folks. It's very exciting. And I actually am going to -- I want to go and meet all the interns and figure out what is their best and highest use? What would they like to do? Why are they there? Why are they so inspired, these people born in the 1990s? Why are they so inspired to be here working for Donald Trump? And I want everybody included. That's my big tent over at the campaign. And that allows Donald Trump to focus on being the candidate.


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