CNN's Brian Stelter: Trump Prefers Media Bashing To Talking Policy 

Stelter: “Why Is He Talking About Us And Not About Policy? Why Is He Talking About Us And Not Hillary Clinton?”

From the August 2 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello

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BRIAN STELTER: I would say when the going gets tough, Trump gets tough with the media. And that's what we're seeing right now. An especially strong period of media bashing by Donald Trump. He knows that he gets a lot of retweets for it. He knows he gets his crowds very energized. But I would say, when I hear it, I remind myself, why is he talking about us and not about policy? Why is he talking about us and not Hillary Clinton? Let me tell you something he actually said about Clinton and CNN yesterday. Going on a tweetstorm of sorts, Donald Trump posted almost a dozen messages against this network. One of them said, “CNN will soon be the least trusted name in news if they continue to be the press shop for Hillary Clinton.” Of course, Carol, CNN's tried very hard to have a lot of balance at this network, including from your panel discussion earlier this hour. Pro-Trump supporter, a pro-Trump commentators, or Clinton commentators, and that'll of course continue.


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