CNN's Brian Stelter: “Trump Has All The Right People To Put In Place A New Media Company”

Stelter: “Think About Who He Has On His Team Now. Steve Bannon, Roger Ailes Informally, [And] Roger Stone”

From the August 17 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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BRIAN STELTER: Steve Bannon is coming over from media. What media and politics have in common is it's all about aggregating the biggest possible audience. That's what Trump's trying to do, that's what CNN tries to do. Well, what if Trump loses? Think about who he has on his team now. Steve Bannon, Roger Ailes informally, Roger Stone, the confidante who's known for his dirty tricks. He has all the right people to put in place a new media company, whether it's a television network or on Facebook or something we can't picture yet. I think we have to at least consider that possibility even if Trump would never acknowledge that's real today. 


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