CNN's Brian Stelter: The “Alt-Right” Audience Breitbart Caters To Comes Across As “Sexist, Racist, And Anti-Semitic”

“White Identity Under Assault,” “Nativism And Even Racial Separatism” Are Central Themes To The Alt-Right

From the August 24 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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BRIAN STELTER: Breitbart dot com, the website chaired by Steve Bannon, has proudly led the charge. Last month, Bannon told Mother Jones “we are the platform for the alt-right.” Now Bannon is the Trump campaign CEO, and Clinton is seizing on the connection, calling the alt-right disturbing and extreme. So what is it, exactly? 


This video blogger says the movement, which started online several years ago, is about ethnic nationalism, race -- specifically the sense that white identity is under assault in America, fuels the alt-right, which stands opposed to both progressive and mainstream conservative thought. Supporters say they're not racist or divisive, but that is what critics charge. 


Trump is a favorite of the mostly young, mostly white men who identify as alt-right.


Nativism and even racial separatism are themes of at-right websites that embrace Trump, but some of the loudest adherents say they are just being provocative. Milo Yiannopoulos has become a face of the movement through social media stunts, though he has been banned from Twitter. He is cheering on Trump. 

MILO YIANNOPOULOS: He represents the best hope we have of smashing political correctness apart, of breaking open, you know, all of the taboos, the stuff you're not supposed to say allowing real debate to be had again.

STELTER: Some of his supporters of this mostly online movement say they're bringing new energy, new passion to a party that needs it. But that passion on these fringe websites, fringier than Breitbart, does sometimes come across as sexist, racist, and antisemitic, and Jim, I'm sure that's what Clinton will bring up tomorrow.


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