CNN's Baldwin: Why Should People Believe Trump’s Campaign Promises If He Couldn’t Keep Trump U. Promises?

Brooke Baldwin: “Why Should Voters Believe The Promises He's Making ... When The Promises He Made Ten Years Ago Turned Out To Be Not True?”  

From the June 3 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin

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BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): What about then, Jill, I know new depositions were released yesterday that show that Mr. Trump was indeed in charge of all advertising. The videos, what was necessary to try to attract people to take these courses for Trump University. And I understand where were promises were made, financial security and success. Not to mention that there were promises that Mr. Trump handpicked these instructors when later we know that that wasn't the case. My question to you on promises, this is a man that is running to be the President of the United States. Why should voters believe the promises he's making about our country when the promises he made ten years ago turned out to be not true? 

JILL MARTIN: First of all, I completely disagree that the promises he made regarding Trump University turned out to be completely not true. And that's certainly something that is going to be fully explored. 

BALDWIN: He said he handpicked the instructors and he didn't. 

MARTIN: Mr. Trump at the very initiation of Trump University certainly did meet with and pick very high quality instructors that designed the curriculum and designed Trump University. So when he says he handpicked the instructors, that is true. When he's talking about those individuals that did design Trump University and the curriculum that Trump University was based off of. So I do completely disagree with you that Mr. Trump had made any false promises in the case and that's something we are fully confident will come out at trial and that's why we will be victorious in November. 

BALDWIN: But he couldn't name a single name of any of the instructors. I understand you're talking about he handpicked people who designed Trump U. from the outset but in terms of day in, day out teaching these courses, he couldn't name a single instructor Jill. 


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