CNN’s Bakari Sellers Explains Why Clinton’s “Basket Of Deplorables” Comment Is Not Comparable To Romney’s 47 Percent Line

Sellers: "The 47 Percent Remark Showed Mitt Romney’s Animus Towards The Poor, This Remark Shows Hillary Clinton’s Animus Towards Racists And Bigots”

From the September 11 edition of CNN’s State of the Union:

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BAKARI SELLERS: I don’t think it’s a gaffe in any way. I think that there is a clear difference between the 47 percent remark and what Hillary Clinton said. The 47 percent remark showed Mitt Romney’s animus towards the poor, this remark shows Hillary Clinton’s animus towards racists and bigots. It’s very clear.

JAKE TAPPER (HOST): You think half of Donald Trump supporters are racist? Half?

SELLERS: I think that I can show you polls where over half of his supporters actually believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim informant, and over half of his supporters don’t believe he was born in the United States. So I can show you polls of that nature. For many of us, this election is about beating back bigotry. But I do want to be clear, because I have two friends on the panel. Not all Donald Trump supporters are bigots, not all, by any stretch. However, they do have to be OK with supporting a bigot, I think that’s [an] important connotation.


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