CNN Trump Surrogates Try, And Fail, To Defend His “Bad Hombre” Debate Remark

Jeffrey Lord: If You Were Offended By That “You Haven’t Met Enough People”

From the October 19 edition of CNN's Debate Night in America:

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PATTI SOLIS DOYLE: Kayleigh, my father emigrated here from Mexico illegally twice. Was deported twice. Came back the third time legally. To me, I was born here. I'm an American citizen. To me, that was very offensive. You heard me when we were watching it in the green room. I was aghast at it. That was just offensive. It's offensive to Hispanics. Its offensive to Mexicans. 

JEFFREY LORD: To say what? 

DOYLE: Bad hombre. 

LORD: Oh come on Patti. Patti, you're an American. I’m an American. I've heard that phrase all my life. That has nothing to do with Donald Trump. 

DOYLE: Where do you hear that phrase? Where do you hear it? 

LORD: American television westerns in the 1950s. “He’s a bad hombre. 

DOYLE: 1950s. 

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): By the way, I'm not sure a 1950s American television is the best benchmark for what is good language and not offensive. 

LORD: I have never heard that compared to say the n-word. Right? Right? This is, this is political correctness to a max. 

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: Why didn't he just say bad dudes? 

LOD: Because there are dudes that would be offended if you say dudes. 

HENDERSON: Why did he specifically use Spanish in that instance? 

LORD: What's wrong with it? There’s nothing wrong with it.

HENDERSON: Why do you think he did it, then? I mean?

LORD: Because it's colloquial, its in the American language. 

HENDERSON: No one says that, no one says that Jeffrey. 

LORD: You don't know enough people. 


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