On CNN, Trump Supporter Betsy McCaughey Calls Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump “Man-Shaming”

McCaughey Compares Accusations Trump Sexually Assaulted Women To Duke LaCrosse And UVA Rape Cases

From the October 26 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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BETSY MCCAUGHEY: First of all, I have had a very long relationship of great affection and friendship with Megyn Kelly, I have enormous respect for how she runs her show, but I do believe the polls show that Americans are not buying this roll out of accusers, and this bigger theme of man-shaming and they want to get to the real issues.

And the latest Fox poll shows it very well, for example, 13 -- Trump is up 13 percent over Hillary Clinton nationwide with independent voters, that includes women, as well as men.

DON LEMON (HOST): So, You think that exchange helps him with women?

MCCAUGHEY: Well, I'm -- the exchange just happened, but the fact is -- what I'm saying is that Americans are watching this drum beat about these sexual accusations, and they're saying “I don't buy this, I want to hear about the economy.”


JENNIFER GRANHOLM: She was simply asking a question, and all he did was attack her, instead of attack the issue.

MCCAUGHEY: What he was getting at, and perhaps his style was a little more aggressive than you'd like -- what he was getting at is how unfair it is for the media to hear an accusation that has absolutely no evidence, and no witnesses behind it, and splash it across the front page of New York Times or up on a television screen without even telling the public, the viewers and the readers, that this accusation comes with no evidence. That's what happened, is --

LEMON: But with all due respect -- with all due respect, that was the same thing that the folks over at Bill Cosby -- Bill Cosby's camp said the same thing, and you see what has rolled out now.

MCCAUGHEY: Well, and sometimes they're right and sometimes they're wrong.

LEMON: Sometimes they're wrong --

MCCAUGHEY: And think of the injustice of it, the Duke lacrosse case, for example, he UVA rape case. Lives are ruined, and then the truth comes out.


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