CNN Trump Supporter Attacks “Credibility” Of Hot Mic Video Because Of The Timing Of Release

Scottie Nell Hughes: “This Just Shows This Is Politically Motivated” 

From the October 7 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

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SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES: I would have a lot more credibility with these [tapes of Trump] Don if they were brought out months ago instead of 32, 33 days before the election. This just shows how this is politically motivated. These information -- all of these stories, everything -- they didn't happen yesterday. They didn't happen last week. These are stories that just have been around, and just magically they're being used right now?

I would put a lot more credibility in these women if they really were hurt, if they really were assaulted, if they really were as damaged by Donald Trump as they said if they would have gone to this prior -- months ago, weeks ago, and right now, at this stage in the game, Republican Party -- 


DON LEMON (HOST): What about specifically to the audiotape and the video of him on Access Hollywood

HUGHES: Well this is a video that Access Hollywood, for them just to think -- for us to just believe they've had this for 11 years and magically on Monday they came across it, I find that very hard to believe. I think this just shows the working between some media parts and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

And I think your prior guest, your prior segment was right when they said this is all about disenfranchising. That shows just how scared the Hillary Clinton camp is right now about people that turnout that's going to come out on election day. 

LEMON: So it's the timing for you? It's not the actual -- it's not the actions or the alleged actions, it's the timing for you? 

HUGHES: Well like I said, I would put more credibility -- and even in the stories you pointed out, this woman was supposedly sexually harassed, was actually thrown down, whatever the story that goes along with it, horrible, deplorable things. However, she dated him afterwards for whatever reason, whatever excuse she gives. 


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