On CNN, Trump Spokeswoman Says Trump Accuser Is Lying Because In The ‘80’s Planes Had “Fixed Armrests”

Pierson: “This Is Why This Story Is Particularly Ridiculous, To Answer Your Question More Thoroughly”

From the October 12 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight:

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DON LEMON (HOST): My question to you is “Do you believe Jessica Leeds' account that this happened 30 years ago, on an airplane?”

KATRINA PIERSON: I do not believe it at all, it is 100% patently false. And as I was saying, this is the exact same New York Times that tried the same stunt back in March, and then those women came forward and debunked that article. But this is why this story is particularly ridiculous, to answer your question more thoroughly.

We're talking about the early 1980s, Don. Seriously? Back then, you had planes, what, a DC-9, a DC-10, and MD-80, 707, and maybe an L-1011?

But she said specifically this was to New York, and this is what's important, because we can X out the L-1011 and the DC-10.

Guess what? First-class seats have fixed arm rests, so what I can tell you about her story --

LEMON: OK, Katrina --

PIERSON: If she was groped on a plane, it wasn't by Donald Trump and it certainly wasn't in first class.

LEMON: We'll get -- we'll get our aviation expert here to talk about the airplane.

PIERSON: How can that happen? Explain how that happens. There are fixed seats on first class, so if it happened, it wasn't by Donald Trump.


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