On CNN, Trump Advisor Rudy Giuliani Walks Back Claim That He Has Direct Knowledge Of “Surprise” Regarding Clinton Emails

Giuliani: “I've Had No Conversations With Anyone Inside The FBI”

From the November 4 edition of CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): Two days before Director [James] Comey, the FBI director, sent that letter to congress on the Huma Abedin e-mails that were found on her estranged husband's computer, Anthony Weiner, this is what you said on Fox News. I'll play the clip. 


All right. Since then you've suggested you've had conversations with former, current FBI agents. To be clear, did anyone leak any aspects of that Clinton email investigation to you? 

RUDY GIULIANI: No. I've spoken to no current FBI agents, gosh, in the last eight months, nine months, ten months, certainly not about this. Conversations that I've had have been basically with friends of mine that I work with on mafia cases and Colombian drug dealers and white collar cases. 

An awful lot of former FBI agents are enormously upset about Comey's decision, you know, back in, what was it, July. They disagreed with it. They thought it was a prosecutable case, so I've had lots of conversations with them and they have told me a lot about the -- I guess the disagreement between the Justice Department on the one hand, and the FBI on the other. But it all comes from former FBI agents and it's all hearsay. And in that particular situation, I was actually talking about the advertising campaign that you were referencing earlier that I knew was going to come as a big surprise. And there were about four different formulations of it at that point that we had in mind and I didn't know which one we were going to use. But I knew one was going to be a big surprise. I wasn't referring to any possible information about emails or that sort of thing.


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