On CNN, Stuart Stevens Says Trump “Is Running As George Wallace,” And “Exalting In This Thugocracy”

From the March 11 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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JIM ACOSTA (HOST): Stuart, let me start with you, because David Gergen is here, and says he thinks this is the type of thing that could derail the Trump campaign or hurt it. But, you could also make the counter argument, that Donald Trump is running in a Republican primary. We just heard from a Trump supporter right there, who feels as if he was denied the right to hear the candidate he is supporting speak. And you could see Donald Trump saying, you know, this just proves what I've been saying, which is you need a strong leader who can speak the truth, you know, and tell people when they've gone too far. What's your take on this? Could this counter-intuitively help Donald Trump tonight? 

STUART STEVENS: Look, this isn't complicated. Donald Trump is running as George Wallace, but he is really almost doing with it more deliberateness than George Wallace did. Wallace at least pretended at times to be civil. What's remarkable about what Donald Trump is doing is, he is sort of exalting in this thugocracy, he is out there red faced, and shouting, and playing the thug and encouraging people to do that. He is inciting violence. Now look, there's just -- can you win a Republican primary this way? I sure hope not, I hope that he's defeated, but I know you can't win a general election this way. There's not enough white people in America who are angry at those who aren't white, to win an election this way. It is an absolute train to nowhere, it's incredibly disruptive for the party, it's incredibly destructive for the country. And it just really -- he has no idea what he's playing with. 


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