On CNN, Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out Media Obsession With Donald Trump

Rand Paul: Donald Trump Has Received “25 Times More [Coverage] Than All The Rest Of The Candidates, Combined”

From the January 20 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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RAND PAUL (R-KY): We'd love to have her endorsement, but I think really the question still isn't her endorsement, the question “Is Donald Trump a conservative”, and I've often said that I think he's a fake conservative. Because, you know the Tea Party movement got started because we were upset with bailing out the big banks, Donald Trump favored that. The Tea Party also got started because we were upset with Obamacare and a single payer where the government's in charge of health care, Trump supported that. So I think really that he isn't a conservative. And the endorsement may help people to think he is, but I don't really think he is a conservative. 

JAKE TAPPER (HOST): You're certainly not the first person to make that charge. Why do you think it hasn't stuck? Because there obviously is something of a paper trail of his giving money to Democratic politicians, saying nice things about Secretary of State Clinton, how come nothing sticks to him?

PAUL: There could be this small thing, that if you add up all of the time that he's gotten on TV, compared to all the rest of the candidates, he's gotten 25 times more than all the rest of the candidates, combined. So it's a question, did the polling come and then so the news covered him, or did the news coverage cause the polling, which the chicken, the egg kind of thing. The other question is “Is  the polling accurate?” We think it's wildly inaccurate, and that you may be surprised on February 1st.


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