CNN Reports Trump Insider Says Trump May Be Unhappy With Narrative That Pence Is The Superior Debater

John King: Pence “Didn't Defend Trump,” And “Some People Think That Might Not Sit Well With The Boss” 

From CNN's October 4 post-vice presidential debate coverage: 

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DANA BASH: [T]his is great news for Mike Pence, but the open question is what does it mean for the guy who really matters at the top of the ticket and that's Donald Trump. Whether or not the fact that people seem to have liked Mike Pence and more importantly, as David pointed out, that he exceeded viewer's expectations. Is it going to translate at all to Donald Trump? That's an open question. Historically, the answer is no. 

WOLF BLITZER (HOST): What do you think? 

JOHN KING: Well it's an interesting conservation going on in the conservative media -- a lot of them not fans of Donald Trump -- saying that a win for Pence, which they think this was, is not necessarily a win for Trump in the sense that it shows how Pence was a better debater than the man at the top of the ticket. And they're also -- this is conservatives saying you may think Tim Kaine was annoying to keep repeating and quoting all those things Donald Trump said, but whatever number of people watching kept hearing Tim Kaine repeating all of those things Donald Trump had said. I want to give you one insight from somebody inside Trump world, who is in the inner circle in Trump world, who said that he does not think this is going to go down terribly well with the Donald Trump. Even though the Trump campaign is brushing up statements with all conservatives across the country praising Mike Pence. They said Donald Trump is watching the reviews and he's hearing Mike Pence won, but he didn't defend Donald Trump, and that Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence are better debaters than Donald Trump. Some people think that might not sit well with the boss. 


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