CNN Reporter: Donald Trump  “Just Can't Leave Some Of These More Conspiracy Theory Views Behind”

From the August 11 edition of CNN's New Day:

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BRIANNA KEILAR (CO-HOST):  But when Donald Trump refers to President Obama as Barack Hussein Obama, while that is of course his name, it's something that even back when there were the birthers who were questioning whether the president was actually born in the U.S., that was -- 

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): And Trump was among them. 

KEILAR: Leading the charge. That was something they would say to sort of evoke that sense of he's not really American. He's obviously undercutting himself. 

SARA MURRAY: Well, and it was interesting to see the way he put these two things together in his speech because he was talking about President Obama essentially being a leader of ISIS. Then right after that, it was talking about Barack Hussein Obama. And as Chris was just pointing out, Donald Trump was one of these original birthers. Remember back four years ago, this was something he talked about regularly was President Obama's birth certificate, proving that he was born in America. And I think this is something that we've seen time and time again from Donald Trump are these sort of dog whistles, whether we're talking about President Obama, whether we're talking about other sort of ethnicities, whether we're talking about Muslims, and this is one of the things that has been very frustrating, as some Independents and even some Republicans have looked to whether they can support him is the notion that he just can't leave some of these more conspiracy theory views behind. It was one thing to sort of espouse them when he was a reality TV star, but it's another thing to be out there talking like this when you're the Republican nominee. 

CUOMO: The birther thing was so wrong, so embarrassing, that even Trump won't talk about it anymore. If you notice, Jeff Zeleny, every time somebody asks him about the birther allegations, he says we don't talk about that anymore. That's a really high bar for Donald Trump to not want to do it.


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