CNN Reporter: Congressional Email Hearings Are Political Effort By “Donald Trump’s Allies On Capitol Hill"

Raju: “That's Going To Be A Big Focus On Capitol Hill Going Forward”

From the September 9 edition of CNN’s CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): And what's interesting, Manu, you're on Capitol Hill to cover a hearing on Hillary Clinton's emails on the House Oversight Committee, which is led by Republicans. Here's Hillary Clinton out at the airport talking about national security. And we haven't heard from Donald Trump yet this morning. 

MANU RAJU: Yeah, that's right. And in that hearing, they're going to begin to hammer away on Hillary Clinton's email use. Of course, we've seen House Republicans do this before, but this is the beginning of three hearings today, two next week by that House Oversight Committee to question her judgment. So just as Jeff noted that Hillary Clinton trying to show that she has the judgment to be president, she does not want to give Donald Trump an inch. A lot of Donald Trump’s allies on Capitol Hill are trying to paint her as the one who is reckless by the way she handled her emails. And that's going to be a big focus on Capitol Hill going forward. We'll see how she deals with it after more revelations potentially come out because of these hearings, Carol.  


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