CNN pro-Trump panelist praises potential Trump parade: “We might as well show off what a great job the president is doing”

Christine Quinn: “People shouldn't need a parade that salutes the president”

From the February 7 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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STEVE LONEGAN: We might as well show off what a great job the president is doing of rebuilding the American military, after 8 years of Barack Obama, of sequestration, of demoralization of our military strength. It's on the mend, it's getting stronger every day. The world knows it. Why not show off? Why not show off to our military how proud we are of that?

CHRISTINE QUINN: But I think Steve just told the truth of what this parade is about, showcasing what Republicans believe is Donald Trump's successes. That's very different than Fleet Week, which is a longstanding tradition to give our men and women of the Navy and the Marines a break and a celebration and a thank you.

LONEGAN: A long-standing parade, Christine. A long-standing parade.

QUINN: It's actually more of a gathering than a parade, Fleet Week, but long-standing, yes, as opposed to this, and that's about the men and women. As you said, Steve, this parade the president is proposing would be about saluting the president's so-called “good work.” Political, serving and supporting military, very different.

LONEGAN: It's saluting the greatness of our military, of sacrifice, so much in this longstanding effort in the Middle East, losing men and women every single year. I mean, enough is enough, let's tell the world we have the most powerful military on the planet Earth and they should stand down --

QUINN: I don't think people need -- people shouldn't need a parade that salutes the president, as you said, the president's so-called “successes” , so-called, to know that America is the greatest might morally and militarily in the world. We are losing that posture, and that position, and people seeing us that way, because of the president's behavior. That's what it should be about.


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