CNN Presidential Historian: When Are We Going To Conclude That Trump Is A Sexual Predator?

From the October 12 editon of CNN's Erin Burnett Outfront

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TIM NAFTALI: Well, you know, this is why locker room talk matters. This is why -- people who talk this way often act this way. Some of them are fantasists. But some of them are actually speaking from experience and desire. This is shocking. This is just awful. And yes we have to -- he's innocent until proven guilty. What I find powerful though is that people are willing to give up their privacy. These women are giving up their privacy by giving their names. We -- Mr. Trump is innocent until proven guilty. But you know the language he uses, the tweets he sent. At what point are we all just going to come to the conclusion that he is a sexual predator? And that he is running for president. And what kind of symbol are we sending to the world, let alone our children and let alone ourselves, if we put in the Oval Office as a represent-- as our bald eagle – because, remember, they’re head of state? Somebody who is at the very best an alleged sexual predator. 


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