CNN Post-Debate Poll Shows A “Clear Victory” For Hillary Clinton

David Chalian: “Hillary Clinton Won The Debate, 57 Percent To 34 Percent”

From CNN's October 9 post-debate coverage:

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): We have the results now of our instant poll. We've been waiting for this. David Chalian, our political director, give us the results. 

DAVID CHALIAN: Well, Wolf, as you know, we did a poll of debate watchers. This is not a national poll of all voters. This is a poll of debate watchers, and just like we saw in the first debate and vice presidential debate, the audience skews a little more Democratic. Debate watchers are a little more Democratic than we would see in a regular national poll overall. Having said that, who won the debate tonight, according to the debate watchers we polled? Hillary Clinton won the debate, 57 percent to 34 percent for Donald Trump. That's not as big of a victory she got in our poll in the first debate, but it is a clear victory here. 


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