CNN political reporter: None of the Democrats have “that kind of rock star quality that you see with Donald Trump”

From the June 18 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight:

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DON LEMON (HOST): Listen, Maeve, a lot of people have been saying -- well I shouldn't say a lot of people, I've heard people say that it was a sort of an electoral fluke last time, right, that Donald Trump won. But Baker asks a really good question, I think: Is Trump the cause of America's polarization or is he the result of it? As someone who has been out on the trail, what do you think?

MAEVE RESTON (REPORTER): I mean I think he is the result of it. We saw this every presidential campaign that I have covered, you sort of saw it come in inches with Obama, the way that they talked about President Obama's race. People were using coded language back then to talk about their grievances, you know, about immigration. And what's different now is just that Trump has made it, made people feel comfortable saying whatever they want, no matter how politically incorrect it is, you know, in other people's minds. And I think what you see out there, what was so interesting about the rally tonight, to Amanda's point, is that you did really see the way in which he connects with his audience, how he does it, how he stokes that fire. That's really there, and I have been out with all of the Democratic candidates over the last four or five months, and nobody has that kind of rock star quality that you see with Donald Trump tonight. Nobody is camping out before these rallies, and right now, Democrats are really, I think, confused about who they want the nominee to be, because they have so many choices. And so it's fascinating to see him sort of step back into this spotlight and reset the race once again.


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