CNN Points Out Irony Of Donald Trump Attempting To Fact Check Hillary Clinton

Ryan Lizza: “There Has Never Been A Presidential Candidate Who Has Said More Things That Have Proved To Be False Than Donald Trump”

From the December 21 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Ryan, I've had two different sources on the intel side say to me, go slow, I can't tell you that there's any video. I wouldn't be shocked though because there's so much media that they send out and they use the American political process all the time. But putting that to the side, I think that we're parsing this too closely. For Donald Trump to say, “I demand an apology” -- do you think that he has enough credibility with the public when it comes to veracity for him to ask for an apology for something like this?

RYAN LIZZA: Well I was going to say, look, this is the fifth presidential campaign I've covered and there has never been a presidential candidate who has said more things that have proved to be false than Donald Trump. So there is a little bit of irony in Trump going after Hillary Clinton, attacking her on this. That said, Clinton, in the debate, when she said that, she should have had a specific example in mind when she was talking about that. Will there be videos that ISIS will use of Donald Trump? I mean, I don't think any of us doubt that that's a real possibility.

CUOMO: But will be is different than is.

LIZZA: Exactly, exactly.

CUOMO: And I am surprised that we haven't been in the inboxed with a video saying, here it is. Here it is right here. It's been since Saturday.

LIZZA: There's no doubt there will be. But if she said it, she should have been thinking of something specific or sort of had information of something specific. The other point is, I heard haven't anyone talk about this is, I think the merits of the case against Trump's talk about Islam is pretty good on its own without having to argue, oh, you know, this will upset ISIS, or ISIS will do this with this policy. There's a lot of talk out there about what ISIS thinks and how ISIS will react to various American policies when the merits of Trump's anti-Muslim - or, excuse me, Muslim ban are -- can be discredited on their own without reference to what ISIS will do with it.


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