On CNN, Paul Ryan Dismisses Concerns About Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon Serving In Trump Administration

Bannon Turned Breitbart News Into Platform For The White Supremacist “Alt-Right”

From the November 13 edition of CNN’s State of the Union:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): A minute ago you were talking about how Donald Trump, the president-elect, expressed concerned to you he wanted to expressed his desire that he wants to unify the country. On that note, I want to turn to staffing the Trump White House, a lot of people including many conservatives are concerned that Steve Bannon who is the CEO of the Trump campaign and the chief executive of Breitbart News, that he used Breitbart News to -- in their view, the view of conservatives, the view of Republicans -- to mainstream white supremacist views, anti-Semitic views, racist views, do you have any concerns about Steve Bannon being in the White House?

PAUL RYAN: No. I've never met the guy. I don't know Steve Bannon, so I have no concerns -- I trust Donald's judgment, I think he's going to pick who he thinks will best serve him and I'm sure we  will work well with whoever his chief of staff is, whoever his staff is. I believe that Donald is going to have a great set of choices to make for staffing. I'm also very encouraged by the fact that my friend, a great conservative, a man who has shown he's a true leader, Mike Pence, is going to be running the transition teams. So, I think between Pence running the transition team. Look, Donald is a multibillionaire whose had lots of companies, who has run extremely successful businesses. So, he's done things like this before. He's staffed up, he's run major organizations. He's a successful person. He surrounds himself with successful people. So I'm confident he's going to do the same here.


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