CNN Panel: Trump Nomination Is “A Hostile Takeover” Of The GOP

Ana Navarro: “Part Of Me, Tonight, Feels Like My Puppy Died”

From the July 19 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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DAVID GERGEN: In an old-fashioned way, we are now opening a brand new chapter in American politics. This man, we've never had a candidate like this win the nomination of a major political party. He's a total outsider. Unlike President Eisenhower, who had not held public office, but he was recruited by both parties to run for president. In this case, we had a man who basically staged a hostile takeover.

ERIN BURNETT (HOST): Recruited by no one.

GERGEN: Recruited by no one, took it away from people. And had left this party very uncertain about his future. We just heard today that George W. Bush has been musing that he may turn out to be the last Republican president, because the future may change so much. We just don't know now. This is the first sentence of that next new chapter.

BURNETT: And it is a new chapter, and Ana that was a very significant moment that we just witnessed here. A moment in history, we all saw it, on the day we learn that George W. Bush said he's worried he may be the last Republican president. Obviously, Donald Trump in that moment wants to change that, but you hear that and think?

ANA NAVARRO: I think, I hope he's wrong. I hope that when this is over, at some point, I don't know whether we're talking November. I don't know whether we're talking four years from now. I don't know whether we're talking eight years from now. I don't know if we're going to do it with Trump, or without Trump, but I hope that at some point the Republican Party reconstructs, reunites, and comes out a stronger and better party than what we are right now. Right now we are a party in crisis. We are not united. Let us not sugar coat this. Let us not whitewash this.

Let me tell you, part of me tonight feels like my puppy died. But at the same time I recognize that this man achieved what most of us around this table, me first to blame. Trump was absolutely impossible. He has won the nomination of the Republican Party. I don't like the way he did it. I don't support him. I don't plan to vote for him under any circumstance, but I congratulate him, and I am awed by the pomp, the circumstance, the significance. I remember what it meant to me to see my friend John McCain, who I worked so hard for, get nominated. I remember how emotional it was for me. Today is a day of significance. We're seeing democracy in action. I don't like the result. I respect it, and I those congratulate who worked for him. So, congratulations, guys.

Jeffrey Lord: Thank you, ma'am. Can we put you down as doubtful?

NAVARRO: You can put me down as having now gone through the seven stages of grief.


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