CNN Panel Slams Ben Carson For Linking Clinton To Lucifer: “You're Seeing The Destruction Of An American Icon”

From the July 19 edition of CNN’s America's Choice 2016: Republican National Convention:

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VAN JONES: I can’t even go there. For him to get up there and talk about Saul Alinsky and the preface of some book that nobody read or cares about, it’s just – you’re seeing the destruction of an American icon. Ben Carson was one of the most revered people in this country on a bipartisan basis, and that was an embarrassment, period.


KAYLEIGH MCENANY: He is a man of integrity, we saw him talking about being able to stand up for your faith. And let’s be reminded that he is one of the people who stood up for Hillary Clinton, saying let’s not question her faith, kind of admonished Donald Trump to be respectful of her faith.


S.E. CUPP: I can’t with Ben Carson. I know you expect my analysis here, I can’t with Ben Carson. I can’t.

MCENANY: Let’s be very clear, he was joking in his analogy to Lucifer. That was a clever joke to the audience.


GLORIA BORGER: Let me say something about the programming of all of this. You had Tiffany and you had Donald Trump Jr. And if I were running this, and you’re the impresario, David, so you tell me, I’d have Donald Trump talk after my children and say how great they are, and stay tuned for more, and not with Ben Carson.

DAVID AXELROD: I’ve come around to the Don Jr. interpretation that his speech was not only powerful but helped his dad in many ways. If that's the case, if he was the star of the show, why would you not end on the star of the show? Why would you bring Ben Carson out to talk about Lucifer and Saul Alinsky? 


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