CNN Panel Rips Donald Trump’s “Insincere” And “Forced” Non-Apology For Hot Mic Video 

From the October 8 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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DON LEMON (HOST): What do you make of this statement?

GLORIA BORGER: Well, I think it went further than his first statement went because it contained an apology, but he also didn't address the issue of what was contained in the tape which was, you know, him being predatory towards women. And then turned it again to Bill Clinton as he did in his original statement and called it nothing more than a distraction.

It is something more than a distraction. It is something quite disturbing. And so while this went a little further, he still turned it around to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton again as if this tape were about them and not about him.


KEVIN MADDEN: That took ten hours? You could have done that on an iPhone is my first reaction.

To Rebecca's point, apologies are only as good as their sincerity and that was a very insincere way to offer an apology. So, I don't think that -- it was clearly forced, he was clearly reading. He's -- I think Brian Stelter makes a good point, defiance is the headline here, and I think that's -- they're trying to send a signal to their most core supporters to rally them behind Donald Trump, because they figure during his worst moments they always think that's the secret to his success.


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