CNN Panel Dismantles Trump Campaign's Spin On President Clinton's Obamacare Comments

Christine Quinn Slams Trump Campaign For “Offering Nothing Substantial To Help People” Access Health Care

From the October 6 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRISTINE QUINN: I think [Bill Clinton] was attempting -- with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm on one word there -- but to point out some of the challenges that I think the president would admit and also Secretary Clinton would admit. And Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine, I think, have been clear that some of the challenges that have played out with ACA are ones they're going to address. I don't think the president's point at all there was to say “throw the baby out with the bath water.” To say there's been some hiccups, some bumps, and those have got to be fixed.


QUINN: I think it's very hard to judge, as Joe what you are saying, from the perspective of the Trump campaign, right? Because Obamacare, with its hiccups and its bumps, is a program and a plan designed to help get people health care who don't have access to health care. And, I've got to say, in the shelters for homeless people I run every day, those are all people who have no access to health care without involvement from the government. So, that's a great goal. Can we make it more efficient? Of course. That is not at all the kind of goal you hear from Donald Trump. And, in fact, many of the people who he attacks regularly in racist and offensive ways are from communities that have largely been served by Obamacare. So you can't criticize it in the full swath way when you're offering nothing substantial to help people who don't have access to health care.


CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): But here is the point that is worth debating. Nothing has been offered to fix it. That is true. The reason that Bill Clinton is correct; that you have people who aren't poor enough to get the straight subsidy, but aren't wealthy enough to have to not worry about the premium in the same way, are getting squeezed under the current plan. True. Why hasn't it been fixed? Because the GOP will not work with the Democrats to fix it. They want to get rid of the ACA. They don't want to fix it. And, as a result, people will continue to struggle.


CUOMO; Forty-plus attempts to get rid of the ACA have failed. At some point, you have to decide, do we just obstruct or do we fix? You've decided to do the former.


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